Monday, 19 October 2015 07:51

Unrouxly (Roelien)

Roelien studied design and illustration at the University of Pretoria. She pursued her passion for hand drawn print in the London fashion industry, followed by a stint in design for newspapers before focusing on illustration for publishers, magazines and advertisers.

Her style is humorous and approachable with a combination of strong line work, watercolors and decorative pen and ink work. She is open for any discussions about ideas and concepts in order to visualise a creative solution.

Monday, 19 October 2015 07:22

Stephen W

I am a Johannesburg based graphic designer and illustrator who is passionate about all things visual and creative. I am highly respectful of deadlines and pride myself on delivering professional and high quality work.

I am constantly pushing to learn and develop as a creative.

I have a BA (Information Design) from the University of Pretoria and have been working in the graphic design and illustration industry for a number of years.

I have three years experience working in an ad agency, working on accounts such as Kodak, Duracell and Soviet Jeans.

Since then I have done work for some of the country’s top publishing houses like Macmillan, Via Afrika, Lapa and Maskew Miller Longmann.