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I'm a professional illustrator with 20 years’ experience on national and international publishing platforms – both traditional and digital. My creative strengths are children's book illustration, character development and book cover design. I also have a strong history in comics, graphic novels and game design - which in practice translate awesomely into various media requirements. I keep up to date with brand trends as to make sure my art and designs are relevant.

I work both traditionally and digitally. Both pencils and Wacom is my creative weapon of choice, and Photoshop allows me to add the final magical flair to every illustrated character and design. Whether shading by pencil, inking by pen or colouring with Photoshop – I put my heart into every character that lands on my desk, ready to come alive.

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Hello! Muzi here, professional illustrator for the past 5 years. I mostly work all digitally today, using software of Photoshop and Clip Studio. Drawing has always been my passion; it’s the one thing I’ve always wanted to do. I take pride in my delivery skills because I was blessed with efficiency. I’m always open to a new challenge and will do my best to deliver the best quality work I possibly can!

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Andrew is a versatile illustrator with a strong background in publishing and editorial illustration.
Andrew has worked locally with Maskew Miller Longman – Pearson Southern Africa, Nasou Via Africa, Women’s Health, Mercedes-Benz magazine, Golf Digest and Migrate magazine. He has also produced clothing designs for Urban° and greeting cards for Card Factory UK.

He currently works as a freelance illustrator and fine artist.

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Stephen W

I am a Johannesburg based graphic designer and illustrator who is passionate about all things visual and creative. I am highly respectful of deadlines and pride myself on delivering professional and high quality work.

I am constantly pushing to learn and develop as a creative.

I have a BA (Information Design) from the University of Pretoria and have been working in the graphic design and illustration industry for a number of years.

I have three years experience working in an ad agency, working on accounts such as Kodak, Duracell and Soviet Jeans.

Since then I have done work for some of the country’s top publishing houses like Macmillan, Via Afrika, Lapa and Maskew Miller Longmann.

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I am a freelance graphic designer & illustrator based in Cape Town, South Africa.

After studying at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology for four years I received my Btech Degree in Graphic Design, and decided to be a freelancer.

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