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Peter M

Born in Rustenburg, I grew up on misson stations in the bush. I hated school, started drawing teachers and church elders in my hymnbook and later polititians.
I matriculated at the German School in Pretoria, went to a kibbutz in Israel, then did a diploma in Fine Art at Wits Tech in Johannesburg . I studied Graphic design at the AAA School of Advertising and moved on to be an editorial cartoonist for 10 years at Beeld, Citizen and Daily Dispatch.

I took a 2 year break from cartooning to work for Stephen Klein Design studio as workshop manager, doing 3d off the wall commissions, before joining the Citizen.

I love designing and making things with my hands. My workshop and my powertools are my paradise, but I always need that balance between 2d and 3d, drawing people and especially faces.

I live with my wife and 2 daughters in Cape Town.

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Conrad works from Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape and has been cartooning for more than twenty years. He obtained two certificates, two diplomas and three degrees, including a master's degree in Anthropology.
Besides cartooning, he also lectures research methodology and marketing research at college level. He developed a form of cartooning which aims to be extremely receptive to the reader's mind and eye, and one that employs clear, simplified and rounded shapes. Yet also contains enough detail which aims to stimulate viewer curiosity.

His favorite cartoon genre is the cartoon horror genre, where the correct use of shapes and form, and a sense of dark homour, can deliver the most unexpected twist. He finds that this genre is still relatively unexplored and open to a wide variety of cartoon styles.

Conrad prefers cartooning by hand. He predominantly works with pencils, pens and inks, with a limited amount of colour on clear white or coloured paper. He also works in watercolours and sometimes enjoys enhancing cartoons with Paint.

He has done a large amount of cartoons for corporate and private projects, such as brochures, and teaching and training manuals.

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Kim has been in design and advertising for many years and started her career illustrating new ranges of stamps for the Post Office.

She has been a package design illustrator for Spar and Pick 'n Pay as well as providing editorial illustrations for a number of books and adverts.

Although she has concentrated on art direction for publications, over the past few years she has developed quirky cartoon characters for various clients as well as a range of stylised men for Anglogold Ashanti for their internal communications, and has concentrated on appealing sketches for children's books and magazines.

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Marleen(Paddy) is an exhibiting Cape Town based fine artist, illustrator, graphic designer, musician and the sole owner of Blue note ART Studio cc. “I believe that all art forms are integrated in various ways and have always been challenged to express my passion for life in all I do”.
She works from concept to finals, mostly specialising in illustrations for the Publishing and Advertising industries. Computer graphics are done on Apple Mac.

Marleen started off many years ago, working for VZ and then, BBDO in Johannesburg, as a renderer and storyboard artist. From there she started freelancing to various Ad agencies such as Hunt Lascaris, Young and Rubicam, Chart Studios. She also had clients like the National Parks Board, Jurgens caravans and a variety of corporate clients.

Together with her husband, Jacques Meyer, who is a professional photographer, they travel and have created many brochures for Lodges in Southern Africa. Package design and T-shirt designs have also been one of her expertise. During the past 13 years, Marleen has specialised in illustrating, particularly for publishers such as Oxford University Press, Heinemann, MML, Maskew Miller Longman, Juta, Vivlia, Via Afrika , Fantasi Books. She has also published a picture book in Australia and is a member of SCBWI (Society for children’s books, writers and illustrators.)

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Born and bred in Cape Town, I bravely conquered a BTech Degree in Graphic Design (CPUT), majoring in illustration, in 2003.
Post studies, a six-month stint at an advertising agency sent me wailing into the open arms of freelance illustration where I spent two years painting ferociously bright paintings, interspersed with drawing children's illustrations, which I thoroughly enjoyed. This did, however, leave me moderately impoverished, and so I was forced once more to don the cloak of 9 to 5. After a two year episode as a graphic designer/illustrator at a children's publisher, I moved to the DTP department of a comic publishing house. Here I was fortunate enough to learn from a host of talented illustrators and other creatives, and after four years decided once more to plunge into full-time freelancing.

While comfortable with traditional media of pencil, inks and acrylics, my work is predominantly digital, with Photoshop being my software of choice.

I enjoy working in a wide variety of styles and pride myself in producing the best possible work no matter the project.

My client list includes: Oxford University Press, National Geographic Kids, Pearson Education and Nasou Via Afrika.

I have also had the privilege of being part of the SCWBI exhibition of published South African illustrators.

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Julian is a vastly experienced illustrator with super draughtsmanship and figure drawing ability.
His areas of interest include: SA fauna and flora; cartoons of the good, the bad, and the ugly; children in all activities; and portraits. He has also worked on brochures, packaging, promotions, book covers, annual reports and training manuals.

His previous clients include: Smith Kline Beecham, Tanur Jewellers, Cadbury Schweppes, Liptons, Plascon, Dulux, S.A. Breweries, Revlon SA, SAA, Dairybell.

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My name is Emmanuel (Manu) . I was born in the DRC, and left when I was ten to live in Zambia with my father, where I lived for 18 years.

I now live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I can speak close to 7 languages including English and French. When I am not drawing I love socialising, watching or playing soccer and taking long walks.
From my earliest days of drawing, I fell in love with Japanese Anime after watching shows like the Fist of the North Star, Saint Seiya, Ranma and Dragon Ball Z.

Later on I was introduced to the work of Capcom, Walt Disney Animations and Pixar Animation. My work is currently heavily influenced by the styles of Joe Madureira, J Scott Campbell, Randy Green, Skottie Young, Gez Fry, Loopydave and Jeffery ‘Chamba’ Cruz whom are also my favourite artists.

I love all aspects of illustration from doodling, pencilling & inking, lettering and colouring. My tools are 3H pencils, A4 bond paper, scanner, Inkscape and Adobe Photoshop.

I'm always glad to network, offer advice and accept advice or criticism from individuals from all around the planet.

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Emil works in many programs including: Wacom Drawing Tablets, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design, Corel Painter, Amateur in ZBrush, XSI, Maya, 3DStudioMax, Cinema4D, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Encore, Premiere, Soundbooth and After Effects.

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kEda subsists in her own world, occasionally making trips to reality, to teach and take the odd photograph as proof that this world hasn't disappeared. She likes to start with rough pencil sketches before pulling them into Photoshop and letting them take control.

kEda is based in Cape Town where she spends every waking (and non-waking) moment creating. Classically trained in Fine Art (painting and printmaking) and well versed in Adobe Photoshop, her digital style reflects her painting background incorporating the solid drawing skills that she has passed on whilst teaching high school students.