Friday, 23 October 2015 08:26


Conrad works from Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape and has been cartooning for more than twenty years. He obtained two certificates, two diplomas and three degrees, including a master's degree in Anthropology.
Besides cartooning, he also lectures research methodology and marketing research at college level. He developed a form of cartooning which aims to be extremely receptive to the reader's mind and eye, and one that employs clear, simplified and rounded shapes. Yet also contains enough detail which aims to stimulate viewer curiosity.

His favorite cartoon genre is the cartoon horror genre, where the correct use of shapes and form, and a sense of dark homour, can deliver the most unexpected twist. He finds that this genre is still relatively unexplored and open to a wide variety of cartoon styles.

Conrad prefers cartooning by hand. He predominantly works with pencils, pens and inks, with a limited amount of colour on clear white or coloured paper. He also works in watercolours and sometimes enjoys enhancing cartoons with Paint.

He has done a large amount of cartoons for corporate and private projects, such as brochures, and teaching and training manuals.