James B


Born way back in '56, I've been drawing since I was old enough to pick up a pencil (2 yrs 2 months). My mother still has the
drawing, and I'm pleased to say I've moved on since then.

My entire working life I've managed to make a living doing something artistic, and have ventured into many creative fields – design, layout, art direction, cartoons, photography, printmaking, writing, sculpture, production and project management, but my great love has always been drawing. Interestingly enough, it accounts for easily half my workload, even in this digital age, which has seen me buy my first digital tablet, which I'm learning to use with greater efficiency as I explore digital media. While nothing can match the sensitivity of a pencil point on a good quality paper, digital will be around for while still, so I have invested in the hardware and software in the hope that it will pay.

Within the realm of illustration, illustrating anatomy books has become something of a passion, and I often find myself picking around, or photographing, the inside a cadaver, or pouring over old anatomy books to find just the right view of whatever it is I've been asked to draw.

I've illustrated many books on this subject, one of the more recent ones being a colouring-in book for medical students, where I worked with three anatomists from Cambridge University, in the UK. This was my greatest artistic challenge to date, as the criteria were particularly unforgiving. Everything had to be original, that is drawn "by eye", (using the old "look-draw" method), and the main requirements of aesthetic quality and absolute accuracy, were essential.

Maps are another area of specialisation, and something I really enjoy doing. I include a few samples of recent work to add some colour to the words.

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