Barry Jackson, sculptor, painter and illustrator, grew up in Zambia on the copperbelt. He went to the East London School of art and had an advertising background from the early 70’s.
He has been a freelance illustrator since 1982 servicing agencies in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, JHB and Durban and working in acrylic, watercolor, cartoon, line drawing, pencil crayon, oil paint, pit pastel.

He is a philatelic designer and illustrator for the South African Post office and the GPO of Namibia and runs a parallel career as a representational Bronze sculpture. Barry takes commissions for commercial projects of reasonable quantities. Previous customers include; RSA Presidents residents, J P Morgan Bank, Board of Executors, Oslo Stock Exchange, JHB stock exchange , Old Mutual Plc, Union Bank of Switzerland , Nicholas Oppenheimer, Sasol SA and many others.


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