Drawing/illustrating has long since been a very big interest in my life ever since I have been able to hold a pencil and paper in my hands. Having to see the depth of the discipline through various Medias and Applications, I have come to develop a passion for it.
I was born in Mafkeng (NW Province) but grew up most of my life in Krugersdorp (GP), my high school days were mostly spend with me doodling away the teachers voices as they taught but somehow managed to pass. My style of illustration is mostly influenced by anime style of drawing, I have been a fan ever since I saw the intense stare of those big gleaming eyes the characters had.

I have also experimented with my drawing techniques through out my drawing years, copying different styles as I saw them and trying to develop a style of my own as went along. Through that, I have learned to see that I can be very flexible when it comes to illustrating as I can mimic as well as come up with an original creation depending on the kind of request I have before me.

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